About Us


Co-pilot is a unique specialist firm that has built up a client portfolio of global brands

At Co-pilot we have spent 17 years advising companies about automating O2C processes. It has been a significant investment, but the outcome is that we know what works and what does not work.

This is important because companies sometimes waste large amounts of time and money trying to develop O2C functionality within their ERP systems. Sometimes they go out and look for off-the-shelf software and select the wrong solutions. Once they have chosen the wrong solution they are “invested” and it is difficult to undo what has been done.

We have built our client portfolio through reputation, networking, and referrals.

Co-pilot’s involvement through supplier identification, procurement, implementation and beyond ensured project success and delivery of the business case




Our core competencies include:

Our knowledge and experience of advising clients on O2C process automation is best in class. There is a range of hard and soft factors which are important, and which are not discoverable in a standard procurement process.

High-level knowledge of credit risk management best practices including the unique-to-Co-pilot data sources, tools, techniques, and the methodologies that will be needed to manage credit risk in real-time in a post-Covid-19 world.

Deep knowledge and experience of the whole O2C process including best practice, organisational structures, business planning and stakeholder management. This combination of core competences is unique to Co-pilot. It means that we can give clients a “Total package” of advice to ensure an optimum solution.