Co-pilot’s corporate customers tend to have large/multiple sales ledgers, and they tend to have a pro-active credit management function. There are a number of sectors where we have worked with one or more of the top five global brands. See Testimonials at the bottom of this page.

Our Case Studies include:


Credit Risk platform to manage global Trade Credit Insurance programme:

  • Co-pilot were invited in because client already had a platform with which they were dissatisfied.
  • The chosen platform was marketed as specialist for client’s requirements and it seemed to have strong credentials.  It had “ticked all the boxes” for the credit people, and it had “ticked all the boxes” for the client’s procurement and IT teams.
  • But when implemented it wasn’t delivering what the client needed.  Co-pilot explained why it was not (and would not) deliver and helped the client to identify, procure, implement and then account manage a replacement platform.
  • Client was and remains delighted.  Replacement platform licence was >£150k pa cheaper.  We are into the eighth year with this client which has saved £1.2m over that period.

Invoice Finance:

  • An Invoice Finance Provider went through an eighteen month procurement process to select  a platform to support credit risk management in its business.  It ended up shortlisting two vendors (“A” and “B”)
  • Had the bank engaged Co-pilot we would have advised it from the outset that “A” and “B” were unsuitable for the intended purpose, and we would have explained why.
  • More recently, a Co-pilot client asked us to review “B” which had approached them with an improved, version 2, of its solution.  After three one-hour meetings with the vendor we were able to report back to our client that the v2 solution is still unsuitable for the required purpose.

P2P platform

  • Client had been through lengthy procurement process and had shortlisted chosen supplier.
  • The situation was becoming problematic because client’s processes were highly complex – chosen supplier was struggling and pushing the price up.  Client called Co-pilot.
  • We showed them a solution that delivers everything they require and delivers it very well.  Client will save £250k pa in annual licence costs


Client had >100,000 low value accounts and a team of analysts looking after 125 Global Key Accounts.  One of the Global Key Accounts failed.  The reason was fraudulent accounting, which is difficult to detect early.  Automation and properly designed Red Flags provided these benefits

  • Decisioning and monitoring of the low value accounts was automated in real time.  The Analysts did not need to look at them
  • An automated Red Flag (in this case, late filing of accounts) alerted Analysts that this was a Global Key Account that needed some attention.  
  • Not withstanding that the cause was fraudulent accounting, there was “Noise” two months before the failure – but you needed to be looking in order to find it.

Other Co-pilot Red Flags use Big Data and Robotic Process Automation, but it was a more analogue Red Flag that did the job this time.


  • Client has retained Co-pilot for five years. We helped them procure a collections system that was rich in Machine Learning (ML) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).
  • We then helped them procure a risk platform – because we knew them so well, we were able to steer the assessment and implementation processes in a way that ensured all parties knew exactly what they were getting. We helped the client configure a scorecard to include a real-time non-financial model.
  • Client does not have Credit Insurance but has high margins and needs to take levels of risk significantly above the norm. Real-time decisioning and “late exiting” is the essence of how the client operates.  We are currently conducting a “next level” review with the client.
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“We had a complex trade finance platform requirement.  Co-pilot took us and the eventual vendor through a thorough process to ensure that we had the right vendor partner and a solution that would support our business.  It has worked well and Co-pilot continues to support us.

Alexia Parmentier

Global Head, Allianz Trade XOL

“It was only after Co-pilot took us through a scoping workshop that we understood how everything fits together and we could see that the vendor understood our challenges.  I can’t understand how some vendors do a half-hour demo and then follow it up with a price proposal”

Serge Gloudie

Credit Manager, Colt Telecom

Our association with Co-pilot has been something that we have valued for many years. They are our sole global technology partner because nobody else can do what they can do.

Bill Dunlop

President, AICDP Global

Co-pilot did a great job for us in introducing us to the right vendor back in 2014. We have been with both of them ever since, with Co-pilot account-managing the solution and the relationship with the vendor. We have recommended Co-pilot to a number of our industry peers.

Christoph Lutterbeuse

Head of Global Credit Management, Dentsu Aegis

Co-pilot’s involvement through supplier identification, procurement, implementation and beyond ensured project success and delivery of the business case.


Our core competencies include:

Our knowledge and experience of advising clients on O2C process automation is best in class. There is a range of hard and soft factors which are important, and which are not discoverable in a standard procurement process.  This is a core issue.  Procurement processes are great at evaluating the shortlisted vendors against a range of criteria, but they don’t show you the way forward.  You need to investigate that first.

High-level knowledge of credit risk management best practice including the tools, techniques, and the methodologies that will be needed to manage credit risk in real-time in a post-Covid-19 world.

Deep knowledge and experience of the whole O2C process including best practice, organisation structures, business planning and stakeholder management.

This combination of core competences is unique to Co-pilot. It means that we can give clients a “Total package” of advice to ensure an optimum solution.