By deploying technology to automate cash application you can achieve high auto-match rates (typically 95%) and free up staff to focus on where they can add greater value – collaborating with customers and Sales.


A range of efficiencies can be directly achieved and usually there is a straightforward business case. This is optimised for you because Co-pilot will provide you with a best-in-class solution which is also great value for money. There are also spin-off efficiencies through the impact upon collections processes.

Your customer

Efficient allocation is also part of a joined-up customer experience strategy. You don’t want to be collecting when the customer has already paid. And if the customer calls, your people should have up-to-date information to hand.

Why Co-pilot?

There are several solutions on the market.  Only a few have the technology, the capabilities and the service levels that are required.  Those are the vendors Co-pilot takes you to.  A vendor is only going to understand its product and what it does, Co-pilot understands your whole credit management landscape and how to ensure that the solution is integrated into it.

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Our contacts at Baker Ing have produced a detailed look at Force Majeure which is available to download from their website - a worthy read in these current times. Download your copy by clicking the image below:


Co-pilot’s involvement through supplier identification, procurement, implementation and beyond ensured project success and delivery of the business case.

Chris Snelson – Senior Director – International Credit at VF Corporation