Credit Policy Review

The world we operate in has changed – so should the approach to Credit Policy

The Challenge

Credit Policy has traditionally been based upon a filed document that the Credit team can refer to.  A number of change factors necessitate a review of Credit Policy and a new approach:

  • Supply Chain Disruption looks like being here for a long time to come and will have a major impact upon credit risk and upon customer ability to pay.  These individual events will often happen suddenly.
  • Increasing digitization of Credit Management processes, combined with Home Working
  • Customer expectations – they expect the same digital experience they receive when they transact at home as a consumer

The solution

Co-pilot can help you develop a Credit Policy that:

  • Is aligned to the Business Strategy
  • Is dynamic and fit for purpose
  • Accommodates and can adapt to new technology and working practices
  • Maximizes business contribution
  • Incorporates review mechanisms

Why Co-pilot?

  • In depth knowledge and understanding of the new environment and new working practices
  • We can help you not just to develop Credit policy, but to embed it into daily workflows to ensure compliance and optimum outputs
  • We build in review mechanisms with strategies such as Champion/Challenger so that you stay on top of your game
  • Quicker and more cost-effective than using a traditional general consulting firm

Ready to find out more about how Co-pilot can help you?

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It is the companies that have the ability to predict future customer insolvency in real-time that will gain significant competitive advantage.

Co-pilot’s involvement through supplier identification, procurement, implementation and beyond ensured project success and delivery of the business case.