Credit Risk Management

Are Financials history?

At Co-pilot, we talk about the Three Pillars of Credit Risk Management:

Three Pillars of Credit Risk Management


There will still be a place for Financials, but it is “Big data crunching” and Machine Learning that represent the future of Credit Risk Management for many of our clients. We have a unique-to-Co-pilot range of data sources, tools and techniques available. These often do specific jobs, or suit specific industries. Our strategy is to continue to expand this range.

The Ideal

Automate decisioning and real-time monitoring on low-value high-volume accounts

Layer in the data sources, the tools and the techniques needed to give you the enhanced risk insight required for your business or your industry.

This will provide the “Red Flags” which enable the credit team to perform at their top level – equipped with the information, analysis and early warnings they need to focus on customer investigations/discussions and stakeholder briefings.  See case study

Why Co-pilot

Our 17 years experience as an independent advisor on Credit Management Software

  • If software is part of your solution you will not waste time and money talking to (or even contracting with) the wrong vendor.  We bring you vendors that truly understand Credit Risk Management in all its complexities.  This is a critical factor in our experience see case studies

Our unique-to-Co-pilot portfolio of data sources, tools and techniques.  These include:

  • High-level financial and non-financial information – we have access to the sources the Trade Credit Insurers use
  • A Market Sentiment Analysis tool that can give vital risk insight
  • Bespoke We can help you design and implement tools that give you risk insights directly for your industry.  As an example, think of the Airline industry and its agents.  Airlines have to fly the planes full, so they can’t cut limits until the very last minute

Our expertise in Credit Risk Management Best Practice


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Our contacts at Baker Ing have produced a detailed look at Force Majeure which is available to download from their website - a worthy read in these current times. Download your copy by clicking the image below:


Co-pilot’s involvement through supplier identification, procurement, implementation and beyond ensured project success and delivery of the business case.