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Co-pilot is delighted to announce our “Essence of Credit Risk” events programme for 2023 and beyond. These are highly-regarded, influential events. The primary objective is to build a leading, authoritative, market position and long-term positive relationships with prospective clients and market participants.

These events have been designed to ensure participant commitment. There will be a “per event” membership option but we anticipate that participants will want to become members of Co-pilot’s “Executive Lounge”, which gives additional benefits – details of this will be announced shortly.

Join our 2024 Essence of Credit Risk Events with Event Partners:

            Associations - AICDP  

These events are run in partnership with AICDP & Coface 

Next Events (Click the date to register):

22nd February 2024 – 2.30pm – 5pm

Wednesday 19th June 2024 – 2.30pm – 5pm

Thursday 24th October – 2.30pm – 5pm


The Essence of Credit Risk Event – London – Register Your Interest

Join us for our Essence of Credit Risk event at The Eight Club in London as we deliver high-level content for Senior Credit Professionals.

Topics Include:

  • Case study – A topical case study of a leading organisation where signs were visible?
  • Discussion – Tales from the Shop Floor
  • How does a Credit Risk Manager at the top of his or her game operate?
  • The very real new challenges on the horizon – how does the Credit Risk Manager meet them?

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Co-Pilot’s Essence of Credit Risk Events are the perfect way to discuss risk amongst other senior credit professionals. I come away enthused, and have always learned something.  It reminds me why I enjoy what I do.

Colin McDougal

Head of Transactional Services, Network Plus

What are “Essence of Credit Risk” events?

High-level, focused events targeted at large corporates at Head of Credit or Senior Credit Analyst level. Participants cannot send a junior colleague in their place – this would dilute the experience for other participants.

Physical events are characterised by case studies and high-level discussion and “Chatham House Rules” (what is said in the room stays in the room). Initial UK/ROI events are planned for June, September and October.

Additional events will be topic-related, sector-related or event-driven. These will be physical or virtual events as circumstances dictate. We have some powerful topics lined up across these headings. Examples include:

  • Interpreting financials
  • Interpreting non-financials
  • Insolvency Prediction and Probability of Default models
  • Red Flag workshops – general and industry-specific
  • Sourcing information and analysis in difficult global markets

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact the Co-pilot team:

Let's have a chat - call the team on +44 20 7813 2182

The Essence of Credit Risk Events have been the best events I have attended. The knowledge shared is second to none

Mike Diette – SENIOR Credit Manager – Harley Davidson

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