Invoice Finance Efficiency


The Challenge

We face a prolonged era of supply chain disruption, in the midst of which Invoice Funding Providers (IFPs) want to support their customers with maximized debtor funding.  Reliance upon historic financial information will no longer be enough, this needs to be enhanced with real-time risk insight see Co-pilot’s Three Pillars of Credit Risk Management  This is not helped by the fact that technology has sometimes been a thorny issue for the industry and outcomes have not always been successful see case studies

The Solution

Co-pilot provides tools, techniques and technology that enable IFPs  to manage credit risk management processes and their Trade Credit Insurance (TCI) in one place. and in real time.  We can build and structure this with new technology, or by helping you make better use of what you already have. This has several advantages:

  • Systematic compliance can be embedded to support TCI used for Non-Recourse Business
  • Digital Collaboration provides opportunities better to support Recourse business where there is reliance upon client’s TCI
  • In Digital Collaboration with your TCI broker, cover shortfalls can be identified in real time and action taken (e.g. Top-up) to every participant’s mutual benefit (Client, Broker, Funder)
  • Multiple underwriters, or changes to underwriter can be accommodated without having to change system
  • New or increased credit limits can be in place before they are needed, enhancing revenue and customer satisfaction.  We have a number of techniques available to help you do this

Why Co-pilot?

  • Our knowledge and experience of which platform vendors to use see case studies.
  • Our unique-to-Co-pilot portfolio of data sources, tools and techniques which can be blended in to maximise efficiency and outputs.
  • Our knowledge, experience and reputation in the Corporate, Trade Credit Insurance and Invoice Finance Markets
  • Our “Digital Collaboration” solution which can be tailored to bring significant benefits to all parties (client, credit insurance broker and funder).
  • The unique combination of our experience of Credit Risk Management Best Practice together with our experience of Credit Risk Management Tools and Technology can be of value to Invoice Finance Providers at both ends of the Traditional/Fintech spectrum.

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Our contacts at Baker Ing have produced a detailed look at Force Majeure which is available to download from their website - a worthy read in these current times. Download your copy by clicking the image below:
“We had a complex trade finance platform requirement.  Co-pilot took us and the eventual vendor through a thorough process to ensure that we had the right vendor partner and a solution that would support our business.  It has worked well and Co-pilot continues to support us.”

Alexia Parmentier – Global Head, Euler Hermes XoL