Scorecards are more important now than ever before

The world of credit risk management has changed.  New sources and types of data come into play.  Co-pilot is unique in its deep knowledge and understanding of these new factors, and its ability to tailor them into your scorecards  to meet your business’ needs.  

We have a portfolio of Bankruptcy/Insolvency prediction models covering quoted and non-quoted companies in multiple sectors and global regions.  These can be used manually, or built into an automated system.  And we can factor in the real-time data from multiple sources that some clients now require.

Scorecard development traditionally focused on financials – we can help you build scorecards which blend financials, non-financials and big data – from multiple sources if required.

Why is automation often the preferred option?

Automation enables you to embed scorecards into daily workflows better ensuring compliance.  It also permits “Champion/Challenger” strategies enabling you to evaluate changes before implementing them.

Why Co-pilot?

Using Co-pilot is speedier and more cost-effective that using a traditional general consulting firm.  And we stay onboard to help you implement and review the scorecards – we build-in review mechanisms such as “Champion/Challenger”

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Co-pilot’s involvement through supplier identification, procurement, implementation and beyond ensured project success and delivery of the business case.