Enhancing TCI Utilisation and Ease of Use


The Challenge

“I have to fit the trade credit insurance rather than the trade credit insurance fitting me”

Clients typically operate their Credit Risk Management processes in their ERP systems, but have to go in-and-out of the underwriter’s platform in order to manage their TCI (applying for limits, notifying reportable events).  This combination of manual processes and multiple systems almost “invites” non-compliance with the TCI.  The challenge is exaggerated if the client uses more than one underwriter.

The Solution

Co-pilot provides platforms that enable clients to manage all their credit risk management processes and their TCI in one place.  This has several advantages:

  • Systematic TCI compliance, above and below the Discretionary Limit, can be embedded
  • In Digital Collaboration with the broker, cover shortfalls can be identified in real time and action taken (e.g. Top-up)
  • A compliant client is a more attractive risk to the underwriter
  • Multiple underwriters, or changes to underwriter can be accommodated without having to change system
  • New or increased credit limits can be in place before they are needed, reducing held orders and enhancing sales.  We have a number of techniques available to help you do this

Why Co-pilot?

  • Our knowledge and experience of which platform vendors to use see case studies
  • Our knowledge, experience and reputation in the Trade Credit Insurance Market
  • Our “Digital Collaboration” solution which can be tailored to bring significant benefits to all parties (client, broker and, where applicable, funder)

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Trade Credit Insurance Compliance

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“We had a complex trade finance platform requirement.  Co-pilot took us and the eventual vendor through a thorough process to ensure that we had the right vendor partner and a solution that would support our business.  It has worked well and Co-pilot continues to support us.”

Alexia Parmentier – Global Head, Euler Hermes XoL