Case Study: Top 5 Global Advertising Agency looking to better manage credit risk, credit insurance arrangements and to improve efficiency.

We were recommended to this company by another of our clients and we were able to meet up and discuss the challenges:

Issues & Challenges:

  • Wanted to replace an existing software solution with something much better
  • Wanted to manage and control global credit insurance arrangements in a single highly configurable cloud solution rather than relying on the current insurer’s on-line system and its own disparate accounting systems / data warehouse
  • Wanted the flexibility to easily change insurer at the 11th hour of negotiations and to have the option of multiple insurers, with global users operating in one place
  • Wanted to embed credit insurance policy and terms and conditions into global users’ day-to-day processes, to ensure compliance
  • Wanted to embed internal credit policy and approval workflows into daily processes
  • Wanted high levels of process automation (limit increases) and automated reporting
  • Wanted to view all credit insurance policies, buyer limits, buyer groups, in-house limits, in one place and ideally with real-time updates.

Co-pilot project:

  • Detailed information gathering, understand existing operations, challenges and constraints
  • Fully documented requirements and project plans, building in our knowledge of the possible, utilising best available technology
  • Managed an RFP process using our panel of Co-pilot approved tried and tested suppliers
  • Arranged detailed workshops with shortlisted suppliers to ensure everyone knew exactly what needed to be delivered, everything documented and NBIs provided
  • Support and advice through procurement and internal sign off, before playing a project steering role throughout implementation


  • Client obtained a much better software solution at a significantly reduced cost
  • Client enjoys having all credit insurance policies, buyer limits, own in-house limits, insurer’s buyer grades all in one place, always up to date
  • Client benefits for improved compliance, management information and control across the entire risk portfolio
  • 300+ users around the globe have prioritised tasks to perform, as events occur
  • All internal workflow approvals are recorded with a full history of decisions taken
  • Overdue reporting, turnover declarations highly automated, plus submitted claims
  • Client now has significantly greater operational flexibility to change suppliers
  • Improved communication with their credit insurance broker and in-built support for insurer limit appeals and claims
  • Set up provided by the supplier and business users, no internal IT project required

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