Proud to be associated with these organisations

From the day that Co-pilot was formed, we understood the importance of being associated with Credit Organisations and the mutual benefits they can bring to us and our clients.

We made it our mission to become members in order to share our knowledge & best-practice and regularly contribute to workshops, training sessions, presentations and articles on the digital transformation of the credit profession:

Associations - AICDP

Co-pilot is the sole Global Technology Partner to the Association of International Credit Directors and Professionals

Associations - ICTF

Co-Pilot is a member of The Association of International Credit and Trade Finance Professionals

Associations - FEBIS

Co-pilot is a member of The Federation of European Business Information Services


Associations - CSFI

Co-pilot is a member of  The Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation – the City of London Thinktank

“Our association with Co-pilot has been something that we have valued for many years. They are our sole global technology partner because nobody else can do what they can do.”

Bill Dunlop – AICDP President

The Crucial Role of Data in Credit Risk Management

In the dynamic world of credit risk management, data is the lifeblood that drives decision-making. From assessing a buyer's creditworthiness to predicting future payment behaviours, the reliance on comprehensive and accurate data cannot be overstated. In this digital...

Stay Ahead of Risk with Dynamic Scorecards: The Cornerstone of Proactive Credit Management

In the intricate ballet of credit management, your scorecards are your most trusted dancers. They move to the rhythm of financial ebbs and flows, respond to the beat of market dynamics, and perform under the spotlight of regulatory scrutiny. But what happens when the...

Case Study: Top 5 Global Advertising Agency Supported by Co-pilot

Case Study: Top 5 Global Advertising Agency looking to better manage credit risk, credit insurance arrangements and to improve efficiency. We were recommended to this company by another of our clients and we were able to meet up and discuss the challenges: Issues...

Efficient management of large credit insurance programmes – the happy client, the happy broker, the happy underwriter.

Many brokers consider the biggest threat to their business to be self-insurance. Insured clients can be driven in that direction through dissatisfaction with a number of key factors:  The Credit Limit Service — this can be limits available, but it can also be about...


Our job is to advise clients about credit management technology and best practice. We are independent and we have been doing it for a long time. The key issue is that through experience we know what works, and we also know what doesn’t work. This means that our...


Co-pilot was delighted to speak at the recent AICDP webinar on Automating Credit Risk Management Processes along with Wilm Schweer from SHS Viveon & Shaun Rees of VF Corporation. This was a short, sharp, high-level presentation with interactive questions from the...


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) are current buzzwords and many companies are now investigating the possibilities across various business functions. These technologies can have significant impact upon the performance of credit management but it is...


Our contacts at Baker Ing have produced a detailed look at Force Majeure which is available to download from their website - a worthy read in these current times. Download your copy by clicking the image below: