Why are an increasing number of companies looking at credit management software?

For most, the key drivers are effectiveness, efficiency, compliance.

Companies which manage large or multiple ledgers have come to realise that they need to use specialist software to achieve and maintain performance improvement. See further discussion of the key drivers and some of the main benefits.

Business case
Almost invariably, when properly examined the business case and return on investment calculation turns out to be compelling. Significant cost savings or business performance improvement can be achieved. Some examples and case studies are given here.

Where do you start? -
For many companies this is a key question. How do you examine and evaluate the options? How and when do you start the budgeting process? What are the steps?

There are a number of credit management software suppliers and solutions in the market. The way your business works and the different way these products are configured mean that there is a significant range of issues you need to consider or be aware of above and beyond product features and price.

Co-pilot has advised on credit management software for a number of years. We have good knowledge of the available solutions, what's good, how they work, what's behind the curtain and what type of solution best fits given situations. We combine this with considerable experience of credit management best practice so that you can pull everything together into one place and achieve a strong position going forward.

We work with you through a structured assessment process which usually ends with a "Vision and Feasibility" workshop. The process includes:
  • Spending time with you to understand how your business works and what the key issues are (we are "Your side of the desk" throughout this process)
  • Working with you to consider and develop the business case
  • Advising you on the issues you need to consider
  • Advising you on the options
  • Agreeing the shortlist, arranging and attending supplier presentations

The process is designed to enable you to have a clear view of what you can achieve going forward, what is practicable, the business case implications, the preferred partner(s) and what the implementation process would sensibly look like (there is no such thing as "Plug and play").

Co-pilot brings considerable value through this process, not only through our experience of managing the steps but also through our ability to bring Best Practice advice and ideas to bear.

Read more about Co-pilot and the value we bring.

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